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Technically, STILL BREATHING percolates with zesty flourishes; John Tomas’ luminous cinematography and Paul Mills’ tangy music are perfect tones for this luscious romancer.
Paul Mills … whose delicate score is one of the movie’s many pleasures …
The soundtrack, cinematography, and acting coalesce to form a picture-perfect vision of what love should — and can — be. Delicious, giddy, and delightfully sly, Still Breathing is the best romantic comedy of the Nineties thus far.
Jon and I have had the treat of working with Paul Mills on several projects. He just has the unique ability to know what each scene needs. What we want to communicate through the story, he’s able to communicate the exact same thing musically. He has a real gift to put his artistic touch on our stories.
We were on a crazy deadline with the music and received 5.1 music mixes from Paul which we plugged into our mix while we were on the recording stage. He did a spectacular job mixing so we only went back to the individual stems that he delivered for a couple of places. We did have full Stems of everything. There were at least 10 stems per music track. High strings, low strings, bass, percussion, etc.
…allowed us to better savor Paul Mills’ beautiful soundtrack.
The musical score composed by Paul Mills is epic in scale and adds much dramatic, emotional depth to the story.


~by Barton Green

He’s a musician, a producer, a composer; capable of transforming the elements of music into whatever atmosphere the script demands. For three decades the instrumental skill of Paul Mills has been the invisible supporting character of every documentary, every feature film he has scored.

Just as the director controls what is seen on The Big Screen, the film’s composer helps to enhance what is felt. And with a deliberately invisible hand Paul has been instrumental in stirring the emotions of 15 features; including the critically acclaimed, ‘Woodlawn,’ and the #1 inspirational film, ‘War Room.’

Born in the panhandle of West Texas, the boy from Dumas was drawn to the piano early on. Once his fingers found those ivory keys, Mills worked his way up the ascending scales to graduate Magna Cum Laude, with a Bachelor of Music in Theory and Composition. “I had some great mentors,” Paul remembers. “Among them my music composition professor; Dr. Robert Nelson, he gave me my first taste of how music can blend with visual action…”

The ink was barely dry on his University of Houston diploma when Paul was tapped to be the on-the-road keyboardist for contemporary artists Twila Paris and Scott Wesley Brown. And in no time the musician became fascinated with the emerging 80’s innovation, the MIDI synthesizer. 

When he wasn’t sitting at a keyboard, Paul’s curiosity had him hovering over the knobs and buttons of a soundboard; training his ear to the subtle frequencies of mixing music. In those early years Mills gained a wide diversity of engineering experience in local Houston recording studios and area churches. It wasn’t long before he was contributing to the recordings of inspirational artists like Joe English, Petra, Top 10 artists Air Supply, live Sammy Hagar concerts, and B.B. King’s 1984 Grammy award winning collection.

“I never want to forget where I came from, or that my gifts are God-given…”

From the beginning, Paul’s musical skills have been a combination of natural talent and disciplined experience; mixed with a subtle, humble spark of spirituality. If this musician has had an edge over others in his field it is, no doubt, that intimate element of inspiration. Not only has this quality enhanced his experienced ear, it has also informed his intuition for choosing just the right combination of voice, instrument, words and music. And that unique sense of ‘balance’ is what has propelled Paul Mills into one of the busiest and most successful music producers in Music’s capital city.

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